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Headquartered in the DACH region, AlpenShield is a specialist in Managed Services, Consultancy, and Training for Microsoft Sentinel and other Microsoft Security products. Our portfolio encompasses Managed Sentinel Services, real-life Security for Defender(s) Training, Rapid Sentinel Deployment within 24 hours, along with exhaustive Consulting and Implementation Services for the entire suite of Microsoft Security solutions.

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Managed Services:


Establish a solid foundation and make sure Sentinel stays current. For companies who want to start small, explore and maybe extend later. And for companies who mainly want to work with the Sentinel interface.

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Managed Services:


A service for companies looking for inclusion of enhanced logsources and flexible escalation-, automation- and notification-capabilities. Comes with the AlpenShield App that is directly integrated in Microsoft Teams to manage security operations.

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Managed Services:


This includes vulnerability reports, machine learning based on customer data for incident triage, our voice SOC capabilities and on-demand expert advice when it's needed. Oh: and a red PANIC button if everything goes south.

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Security for Defender(s)

Our training involves conducting authentic simulations in actual environments, challenging your security team to detect and counteract these threats. This hands-on approach tests the effectiveness of the Microsoft Security tools at their disposal, tools that may not have been fully utilized before.

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Microsoft Security

Are you seeking a proficient partner for a one-time setup of Microsoft Sentinel or for the deployment of the Defender Suite components? That's precisely our expertise. We invite you to connect with us for these services, and we assure you of a swift response.

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See for yourself!

Do you want to learn more? We suggest you book a short and comprehensive demo of our Managed Sentinel Services right now. It will be worth your time!

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