2023 - 2024
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Workshop 1

Workshop 1 provides a refresher on the most important Microsoft Security Tools and how to use them in practice.


Defender for Cloud Apps

Defender for Identity

Defender for Endpoint

Defender for Office

Entra ID Identity Protection

Defender for Cloud

Microsoft Sentinel

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The goal of the workshop is to demonstrate the capabilities and limitations of each tool with real world scenarios.

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Workshop 2

This workshop brings together tooling and real world scenarios in a real world environment.

AlpenShield will provide a fully-fledged demo-environment as a playground including Defender for Endpoint, Sentinel, Identity Protection etc.

The playground will include false positives and true positives to reflect the real world

In this playground, several teams will compete against each other and learn from each other

The goal is to identify and prevent or mitigate state-of-the-art multistage attacks run against the environment

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.... and who knows what happens during the workshop?

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