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Managed Sentinel

To use Managed Sentinel Service, your system must meet the following minimum technical and licensing requirements:

  • Active Azure Subscription
  • Microsoft Sentinel (will be activated during onboarding if not already deployed)
  • Entra ID Plan 1 (formerly known as Azure Active Directory Plan 1)
  • For the Enhanced and Enterprise plans:
    • Microsoft Teams License for all SOC Operators
    • Power BI Pro for all SOC Operators

If you do not meet these minimum requirements, please contact us – AlpenShield is happy to support you, either by consultation or by performing the implementation directly.

AlpenShield recommends the following additional licenses to take full advantage of the service:

  • Microsoft 365 Security E5 (or at least the items listed below)
    • Entra ID Plan 2 (formerly known as Azure Active Directory Plan 2)
    • Defender for Identity
    • Defender for Endpoint Plan 2 (or another EDR)
    • Defender for Office Plan 2
    • Defender for Cloud Apps
  • Defender for Cloud Plan 1 or Plan 2
  • Microsoft Intune

* Defender for Business Premium could be used for smaller businesses instead of the E5 license.

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